Video. Danie en Kleinjan at Die Bos talking about our new book

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  1. Liezl Cromwell 18 July 2018 at 4:48 pm

    My family and I currently live in Die Meulhuis on Die Bos Estate. We’ve been here for about 6 years. We have previously lived in one of the cottages behind Oom Johan’s home. My daughters have spent most of their childhood and teen years on the farm. We absolutely love it here and feel extremely privileged to call this our home. I’ve always been passionate about history. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the content of your website.
    Do you have any info specific to Die Meulhuis? Date? Age? Why two front doors? Usage etc.
    Where would I find a copy of the book?
    I will also ask Kleinjan.
    This is all fascinating. Thank you for capturing this legacy for future generations.

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