Vanities Fables and Foibles

  1. Vanities-Fables-and-Foibles-Pt-1-1.pdf
    A collection of stories and anecdotes of the family. Did Philip Morkel arrive in 1691 or 1708?, sisters inheriting farms with a twist, no vanity here, pecking order in the graveyard, a Moppie about rich mister Morkel, a Hottentot twin baby rescued from infanticide by Willem Morkel’s wife, angry letters to the Elder, brother-in-law Hendrik Biebouw – hero or scoundrel?
  2. Vanities-Fables-and-Foibles-Pt-2.pdf
    An unamusing and slenderly informed host, Sir Hendrik or would it have been Sir Daniel?, the tall ones or the horrible Morkels, we don’t go to church in a donkey cart, the Tanglefoot squad and who was Mr Nobody?

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