Updated Morkel Genealogy

I finally managed to update the family genealogy. My main interest has been family history but in doing so it was important to know where the family came from and how we were related. In other words, genealogy or family tree. I lack access to archives as well as the skills and interest to do a complete genealogy.  I compiled what was available and added family trees collected with our website and more recently writing the book.  There are big gaps but it is still the most complete one available

It was compiled on the ‘Family Tree Maker’ program, available from LDS in Salt Lake City. It is an amazing program but it is also difficult to detect errors in it (a bit of a black box).  Problems were compounded recently when, after many years,  my copy became corrupted, with sibling order changing every time it loaded. This gave a distorted printout of the family tree. It took a new version and many tedious hours (weeks 🙂 ) to correct the entries on the printout.

The result is available as a transfer protocol (gedcom) to others with genealogy programs such as Legacy.   A family trees is surprisingly difficult to represent on paper for more than a few generations.  The best way I found was to use a ‘Descendants Outline Report’ for stamvader Philip Morkel as on this website under Morkel Genealogy

There are inevitably omissions and errors.  If you spot these and can contribute missing family, please contact us on ‘Contact Us’.

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