The Morkel Rhoda Connection

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    The author of these two papers, Ebrahim Rhoda, has researched his ancestors and the Strand Muslim community. He found that he is descended from slaves on the Morkel farms of Voorburg and Onverwacht, later Die Bos. He also tells of his childhood in the Strand in the 1940s and the shops around the old market square. In “Rhoda Family Origins” he describes the research journey he undertook to discover his family history. Ebrahim has received awards for the quality of his research.
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    There is a strong and plausible tradition within the extended Christian Rhoda family that they are descended from a Morkel farmer, likely Daniel Johannes Morkel of Onverwacht, and Rhoda (formerly Kandaza), his slave girl. We provide histories by Rodney Rhoda, Ebrahim Rhoda (see Part 1) and Dr. Timothy Visser (his mother was a Rhoda). Kandaza later married Rhode, and they were slaves on Onverwacht and the ancestors of the Muslim branch as in Ebrahim Rhoda’s research in Part 1.
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    A partial family line of the Christian Rhoda family. We are keen to extend this, if you spot errors or omissions, please use the “contact us” facility.

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