Thanks to all who write in via ‘Contact Us’

Every now and then someone writes in via the  ‘Contact Us’  facility to point out errors and/or to contribute new information about the family.  We all benefit from this – errors are caught and corrected and the information on our website becomes richer and more authoritative.

Sometimes the errors might seem minor – for example James Ashford BATTY instead of what we had, James Allison BATTY – but it is important to get it right.  Unfortunately I cannot correct the published Morkel Genealogies going back to De Villiers/Pama where the error came from, but we can do it on the website.

As I describe in our next Blog, we got our Hercules link for the Beaufort West MORKELs wrong.  Thank to a generous contributor, we now have entries in registers for baptism and marriage of Gert Thomas MORKEL which need quite far reaching changes.

Thanks so much.    I am cautious about mentioning names without permission and have thanked the contributors directly.  I shall make the changes.

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