Rhodesia Ron Morkel

In the third part from his book we meet the author, Ron Morkel. After attending St Andrew’s he managed Mazuri Ranch and after his father Cliff passed away, became its owner. He spent 14 years as a part time soldier fighting Mugabe’s terrorists. In addition to running the cattle ranch he also supplied the chrome mine bordering his ranch with timber, meat and groceries. Later he and neighbours hosted carefully selected trophy hunters on the farm, as part of a carefully managed wild life project. By 1978 it was obvious that there was no future in Rhodesia and he left the magnificent ranch behind, taking only $2,000 they were allowed. The family first went to Ireland, his wife’s home country, and later to the US.

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  1. Excellent book! Heart breaking! Especially for those of us who lived the down fall of a wonderful country and witnessed the creation of yet another Stalinist dictatorship in Africa. England is to blame fully! Robert Mugabe-just one more pig in Africa.

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