Morkel Genealogy

Morkel Genealogy: Descendants of Philip Morkel

Revised December 2016.  Even though many of the family are still missing from our genealogy (particularly born after 1950), it is the most comprehensive genealogy of the Southern African Morkel family that I know of.  I started with genealogies in P.W. Morkel’s 1961 book which was compiled by Franklin Boonzaier, and South African Genealogies (SAG) 1999 of GISA (Genealogical Institute of South Africa).  Both drew heavily on the pioneering work of C.C. de Villiers of 1894, which was also reworked by Cor Pama.   This provided a core of about 1,300 names.  Our website created interest from family and others who, over more than ten years contributed and our genealogy now has about 2,400 names.  I use the Family Tree Maker application to organise and store the genealogy.  I found the best way to present it as a document is the Descendants format, as attached.  SAG uses a slightly different format.  The common family tree format used within families and in novels, is easier to read, but can only be used for a narrow part of the tree.  It soon becomes unmanageable tangle after a few generations if everyone is included.


Dan en Kitty Morkel familielyn en nageslag

The family line of my parents, Dan and Kitty Morkel.