Morgenster Morkels

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    Fourth generation Willem Morkel 1803 – 1876, son of Daniel Johannes Morkel and Maria Dorothea Louw is described in the family Genealogy as “Capitalist, Resident at Morgenster“. The first medical doctor, Willem Morkel had the largest wagon in the old Cape Colony, for trekking into the interior. Family living in Fouriesburg, O.F.S. at Mount Morkel, and p.j.g. Morkel of Oatlands are also in Part 1. We follow some of the other descendants in Parts 2,3,4, and 5 in this series.
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    Mrs Alexander van der Byl, née Morkel was renowned for her elegant style and hospitality at Morgenster. They were the “royal” Morkels. Some good anecdotes to tell.
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    William (Dooley Morkel), gifted sportsman in rugby and cricket, was the main stay the Bellville Cricket Club. His son Denys played international cricket and eventually settled in the UK, while another son, Ray played first class cricket. Son Frank moved to Rhodesia. One of his sons, vet Pete Morkel, is active with the rescue and preservation of wildlife against poaching. See photos of Pete tranquillising and tending Rhino in Zambia, Giant Sable in Angola, and elephant in Congo and Chad. The articles can be found under “Morkel Family Stories” on this website.
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    Paul Andries (P.A.) organised the Blantyre “Fighting Chamber of Commerce”, a paramilitary group actively supporting the British forces north of the Limpopo. Later he was the Mayor of Middelburg in Transvaal and won competitions for the quality of his horses. His brother Dan Morkel was involved with establishing the telegraph line through the wilds of Africa in Rhodesia and rescued Ernest Brockman from a man-eater lion. Read about this amazing story of derring-do.
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    This part of the branch farmed at Rome, between Morgenster and Onverwacht. Sgt. Ralph Morkel and his brother John were active in the British forces in Bechuanaland and Rhodesia. There was also a cousin Lt Col Ralph Morkel who also served in WWI.

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