1. Krakeelhoek-P1-pdf.pdf
    Chapter 1 of Helene Retief Lombard’s Chronicles of De Krakeelhoek.┬áIt is a rich and wonderful account of stamouer Francois Retif, the Huguenot settling in at the Cape. This and the other two chapters of the book are posted on our website with the permission of the author. A CD of the book in two volumes can be obtained from the Genealogiese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika.
  2. Krakeelhoek-P2-pdf.pdf
    Chapter 2 of The Chronicles of De Krakeelhoek. 2nd Generation Francis Retief and his family.
  3. Krakeelhoek-P3-pdf.pdf
    The 3rd chapter of The Chronicles of De Krakeelhoek. It tells of Jacobus and his family as well as a wonderful description and photos of the farm Welvanpas, the homestead and furniture.

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