DNA connection to the US – cousin Art Morrical

I recently updated the Deep Ancestry posting to include the STR markers (short tandem repeats) for my y-DNA test.   y-DNA is handed down father to son and all male Morkels, including back to stamvader Philip Morkel, would share the same markers and haplogroup which is I1.   Recently Art Morrical from Illinois in the USA contacted me.  Not only is he also haplogroup I1, but that 66 out of my 67 STR markers were identical with his (Art had his done for 111 markers).   This is the closest fit Art has found anywhere.  Art traces his family back to Wilhelm Morgel from Germany who settled in the USA in 1767 and who changed his name to Morricle.  Eventually it became Morrical.   I have little doubt that we are family, stemming from a common Morkel or Morgel in Germany centuries ago.  Remarkable.  Art and I are having a great time by email, talking family.

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