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Who was Willem’s mother?

Who was the mother of Willem MORKEL 1803 – 1876, the 9th son of 3rd generation Daniel Johannes MORKEL? According to the Morkel Genealogies, Daniel’s second wife Maria Dorothea LOUW, died in 1801, two years


Naamgee tradisie vir nege geslagte. Naming tradition sequence continued to the 9th generation.

Daniel Henri MORKEL is op 20 Februarie gebore, die kleinseun van my nefie Daniel Johannes MORKEL.  Sy ouers, Henri (Hendrik Wade MORKEL) en Rinke (Catharina Elizabeth PRETORIUS) het die ou familie tradisie voortgesit met die


Why the Dovecote?

The dovecote at Die Bos is a Morkel family icon.  It was likely a copy of a similar one at Meerlust, with the same configuration of a center dovecote flanked by a side court on

My 80th birthday

We celebrated my 80th and Barbara’s 76th birthdays in September. The whole family was together in Perth. We had a lovely dinner with our sons and their wives – the grandkids stayed at home with babysitters. Our


Correcting errors and making changes.

On the website I can correct errors and add new information as they come to light.  I am toying with putting the most interesting family stories together in a book, and then that advantage will


The Morkel Genealogy

A few days ago I posted the Morkel Genealogy, consisting of 29 busy pages of the family tree.  It was a big task.  I started by entering PW Morkel’s Genealogy (Franklin Boonzaaier compiled it in


Videos of 270th Anniversary of Morkel Family at Die Bos, 22 December 1983.

Nasate van “Hennie Bos” (H.J.L. Morkel 1854 – 1926) vier 270 jaar van die familie op Die Bos (voorheen Onverwacht). Hier is 6 videos van die saamtrek:

(1) Die Bos – plaas, huis en fotos van voorvaders,
(2 en 3) Die gaste daag op,
(4) Seremoniemeester Charles Morkel verwelkom gaste,
(5) Hanna Morkel, agste geslag eienaar,
(6) Nic De Villiers, oudste kleinkind van Hennie Bos.

Six videos of a family gathering at Die Bos in 1983.


The Beaufort West Morkels

During 2011 Margaret Thebus in Sydney contacted me about her family.  Her mother was a Morkel from Cape Town, and the family originally came from Beaufort West.   They were not listed in either Genealogy


Developing the website.

I saw a short news item of a book about the Morkel family, published by Phil Morkel, the Chairman and founder of the chain of furniture stores of that name.  That was in 1961.  I