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Robert Douglas Morkel. Searching where I fit into the Morkel family

Robert Bob Morkel search for ancestor Bob Morkel grew up knowing almost nothing about how he fitted into the Morkel family.  With very little to go on, he spent years to eventually establishing the link.


Rhodesia Cliff Morkel

Ron-Morkel-Pt-2-pdf.pdf More from Ron Morkel’s book. Cliff attended St Andrew’s college in Grahamstown and was barely back in Rhodesia when his father Arthur posted him for 5 years at an isolated and desolate gold mine near the


Rhodesia Ron Morkel

Ron-Morkel-Pt-3-pdf.pdf In the third part from his book we meet the author, Ron Morkel. After attending St Andrew’s he managed Mazuri Ranch and after his father Cliff passed away, became its owner. He spent 14 years as a part time soldier fighting Mugabe’s

Voorburg Morkels

Third generation Willem Morkel farmed at Voorburg next to Onverwacht. This is the first part of this branch of the family. It also tells of Pieter Loret Morkel, butcher of Zonnebloem, Cape Town. There is also a story of how one of his daughters was sadly murdered by her husband..

Rhodesia Arthur Morkel

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