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The Morkel Rhoda Connection

rhoda-voorburg-to-lower-gordons-bay-road.pdf Rhoda-Family-Origins-.pdf The author of these two papers, Ebrahim Rhoda, has researched his ancestors and the Strand Muslim community. He found that he is descended from slaves on the Morkel farms of Voorburg and Onverwacht,

Origin of Morkel name

Origin-of-Morkel-name-small.pdf Where did the Morkel name come from? I found three explanations.

Vanities Fables and Foibles

Vanities-Fables-and-Foibles-Pt-1-1.pdf A collection of stories and anecdotes of the family. Did Philip Morkel arrive in 1691 or 1708?, sisters inheriting farms with a twist, no vanity here, pecking order in the graveyard, a Moppie about rich