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Philip Hendrik en Maria Goudrica Morkel

Philip Morkel en Maria Freislich Philip en Maria Morkel met hul ses kinders het op The Lodge, deel van Die Bos geboer.

Philip Hendrik Morkel and Maria Goudrica Freislich

PH Morkel and MG Freislich Philip Hendrik and his wife Maria Goudrica live with their six children at ‘The Lodge’ part of Die Bos

C.D. Wentzel Meester and Voorleser

C.D. Wentzel Meester Voorleser Carel David Wentzel was most likely the tutor when Lady Anne visited Onverwacht.  Ten years later in 1809 he was schoolmaster (Meester) at the Morkel farms and reader (Voorleser) in the

The Lady visits and the hosts are absent

The Lady visits and the hosts are absent The Colonial Secretary and his wife Lady Anne Barnard visited Meerlust for lunch and Onverwacht overnight before proceeding over the Gantouw Pass. They were well received at

Morkel House

Morkel-House-Stellenbosch.pdf Originally a wine cellar built in the 1690’s it was used for a while as a temporary church. It had various owners over the years, including Stamvader Philip, and a hundred years later the

Pete Morkel Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation and Pete Morkel

Dan en Kitty Morkel familielyn en nageslag

Dan-en-Kitty-Morkel-familielyn-en-nageslag4.pdf The family line of my parents, Dan and Kitty Morkel.

The Dovecote at Die Bos

The-Dovecote-at-Die-Bos3.pdf The dovecote with its Cape Dutch gables has become a family icon. Were the side courts used for cock-fighting?

Breaking the Pledge

Neptune & Ostracised The family helped feed starving convicts on board the Neptune III. In doing so they broke a community pledge and were ostracised.

Tough Times

Tough-Times-pdf.pdf The second half of the 19th century was a difficult time for the family. Frugal ouma Bremsie saved the farm.

Morkel Wines of Bellevue. Die Stellenbosch Morkel Familie

Morkel-Wines.pdf The Bellevue Estate in the Morkel family since 1861, is known for Morkel Pinotage and other quality table wines. Lees familie vertellinge oor Dik Daniel, Oom Jan, Dirkie en die Stellenbosch Morkel familie.

Africa with Lions

Africa-with-Lions-Pts-121.pdf Some amazing encounters with ferocious lions. In Part 1 Dan Morkel rescued Ernest Brockman from the jaws of a man-eater – as told by Morkel and also by Brockman “The most appalling true narrative on

Vet Pete Morkel as part of a team tagging wildlife against poachers

AG-black-rhino-translocation-to-NL.pdf Translocating a Black Rhino, and implanting a transmitter in its horn, Luangwa National Parh, Zambia. Zakouma-Elephant-Collaring-2012.pdf Collaring an Elephant in Zakouma National Park. Chad GIANT-SABLE-1-.pdf GIANT-SABLE-2-.pdf Rounding up Giant Sable for captive breeding in Gandangala

Dan and Kitty Morkel

This is about my parents.

Morgenster Morkels

Morgenster-Morkels.Pt1-Pdf.pdf Fourth generation Willem Morkel 1803 – 1876, son of Daniel Johannes Morkel and Maria Dorothea Louw is described in the family Genealogy as “Capitalist, Resident at Morgenster“. The first medical doctor, Willem Morkel had the


Videos of 270th Anniversary of Morkel Family at Die Bos, 22 December 1983.

Nasate van “Hennie Bos” (H.J.L. Morkel 1854 – 1926) vier 270 jaar van die familie op Die Bos (voorheen Onverwacht). Hier is 6 videos van die saamtrek:

(1) Die Bos – plaas, huis en fotos van voorvaders,
(2 en 3) Die gaste daag op,
(4) Seremoniemeester Charles Morkel verwelkom gaste,
(5) Hanna Morkel, agste geslag eienaar,
(6) Nic De Villiers, oudste kleinkind van Hennie Bos.

Six videos of a family gathering at Die Bos in 1983.