Category: Morkel Genealogy

Descendants of Philip Morkel

Philip-Morkel-Descendants-13-Dec-PDF.pdf Revised December 2016. Even though many of the family are still missing from our genealogy (particularly born after 1950), it is the most comprehensive genealogy of the Southern African Morkel family that I know

Deep Ancestry

Deep-Ancestry.pdf y-DNA tests show Morkels are haplogroup I1, of the “native sons of Europe”. We were hunting bison, reindeer and mammoth in the paleolithic and mesolithic periods and endured global freezing.

Die Bos Altena Morkel Ancestors Thumbnails

Die-Bos-Altena-Morkel-Ancestors-Thumbnails.pdf Short cameos of each of the first seven generations of Die Bos – Altena ancestors with signatures and photos where available.