Beaufort West Morkels

  1. B-West-Morkel-Pt1-Origins-Linking1.pdf
    Although most of this branch of the family have lived in the Cape Peninsula and elsewhere since the 1950s, they were originally from Beaufort West. Of mixed race, they include Rev. I.D. Morkel (see Pt 3,) and Gerald Morkel, former Mayor of Cape Town and former Premier of Western Cape. In our pioneering study we are able establish the link with the broader Morkel Genealogy.
  2. B-West-Morkel-Pt2-Family-Line-1.pdf
    The family line for the Beaufort West Morkels
  3. B-West-Morkel-Pt3-Rev-ID-Morkel-Church-founder-and-Activist3.pdf
    Reverend I.D. Morkel broke with the Dutch Reformed Mission Church in 1950 when they declined to support his opposition to apartheid laws. His Calvin Protestant Church attracted members of mixed race. I.D. Morkel spoke out against moral decline, alcohol abuse within his flock as well as restrictive government regulations with equal vigour.
  4. B-West-Morkel-Pt4-2-Photos-Profiles.pdf
    Photos and profiles of this family.
  5. B-West-Morkel-Pt5-Margaret-Lodewyk.pdf
    Margaret Lodewyk was a daughter of Samuel and Dolphina Morkel and inspired her daughter Margaret Thebus to undertake the research into the Beaufort West Morkels. A tribute to a remarkable and caring lady.

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