Year: 2018

Robert Douglas Morkel. Searching where I fit into the Morkel family

Robert Bob Morkel search for ancestor Bob Morkel grew up knowing almost nothing about how he fitted into the Morkel family.  With very little to go on, he spent years to eventually establishing the link.

Obituary. Gerald Norman Morkel

Gerald Morkel M Thebus obituary

Morné Morkel ‘Retires’ from Test Cricket

Morne ‘Retires’ 2018

Albie Morkel Sensational in India in 2012

Albie Morkel amazing in India

Philip Hendrik en Maria Goudrica Morkel

Philip Morkel en Maria Freislich Philip en Maria Morkel met hul ses kinders het op The Lodge, deel van Die Bos geboer.

Philip Hendrik Morkel and Maria Goudrica Freislich

PH Morkel and MG Freislich Philip Hendrik and his wife Maria Goudrica live with their six children at ‘The Lodge’ part of Die Bos

Reading Between the Lines — Highlights

Reading between the lines Highlights Selected highlights from the four part series on this site.

The Old Morkel Farms Part 4

a Old Morkel Farms Pt4 Piet Snap zyn Post For about four years, before the Pasmans/Morkels acquired it, the name of Onverwacht was Piet Snap zyn Post. In Part 4 we explore possible explations how it acquired

The Old Morkel Farms Part 3.

In Part 3 we seek to locate Zeemans-Rust, the Morkel farms in the Overberg and in the rest of Southern Africa

The Old Morkel Farms Part 2

a Old Morkel farms Part 2 Stellenbosch Part 2 of the Old Morkel farms. The scope is now broadened to the Stellenbosch district.  The farms of Philip’s mother-in-law, Sophia Pasman, and sister-in-law Sibella Pasman are included

The Old Morkel Farms Part 1

a Old Morkel farms Part 1 Philip’s farm in the Hottentots Holland has been in the family for 300 years. While it has been recently been consumed by urban sprawl the old house, historic Dovecote and the large farmyard is

Morkel Genealogy – Descendants of Stamvader Philip

  The Morkel Genealogy (Descendants of Philip Morkel who settled at the Cape in 1708/1709)  is always work-in-progress.  We are now in April 2019 and we have more than 2,600 names (30 A4 pages) in our

Uncoupled Morkels

Uncoupled Jun 2018 This is a list (more than 60) of Morkels listed in various sources such as death notices, cemetery registers etc., which could not be linked into the Morkel genealogy. They are the ‘uncoupled’ Morkels.hopefully

Butzbach Morkels back to 1383

Morkels back to 1383 pdf The Morkel family was traced back to 1383 in Butzbach Germany by Melchior using tax records. Originally Markel they were listed as Morkel in 1535. The family tree is presented here in English

Reading Between the Lines Part 1

  Reading between the lines Pt 1 Sometimes, in compiling the family history, it made sense to read between the lines and make plausible inferences about what actually happened. They are spread in articles on

Reading Between the Lines Part 2

  Reading between the lines Pt 2  

Reading Between the Lines Part 3

Reading between the lines Pt 3  

Reading Between the Lines Part 4

Reading between the lines Pt 4 The final part of our series.

C.D. Wentzel Meester and Voorleser

C.D. Wentzel Meester Voorleser Carel David Wentzel was most likely the tutor when Lady Anne visited Onverwacht.  Ten years later in 1809 he was schoolmaster (Meester) at the Morkel farms and reader (Voorleser) in the

The Lady visits and the hosts are absent

The Lady visits and the hosts are absent The Colonial Secretary and his wife Lady Anne Barnard visited Meerlust for lunch and Onverwacht overnight before proceeding over the Gantouw Pass. They were well received at