Year: 2017

Stamvader Philip Morkel

STAMVADER-PHILIP-MORKEL-small-for-Andre-van-Rensburg.pdf I wrote this article for, a genealogy website of family founders at the Cape of Good Hope. It is a good introduction to Philip Morkel who arrived at the Cape from Germany in

Searching for Philip Morkel In 17th Century Germany

Searching-for-Philip-In-Germany-2-.pdf Philip Morkel at the Cape is fairly well documented but we know almost nothing about his earlier life in Germany. This is an account of our search.

Deep Ancestry

Deep-Ancestry.pdf y-DNA tests show Morkels are haplogroup I1, of the “native sons of Europe”. We were hunting bison, reindeer and mammoth in the paleolithic and mesolithic periods and endured global freezing.

Philip Morkel & Maria Bibou Inventory 1713

philip-morkel-maria-bibou-inventory-1713-1.pdf Na die oorlye van Maria Bibou in 1713 was hierdie boedelinventaris opgetrek. ‘n Interessante kykie in die huishouding van daardie tyd. Die huis en vyf slawe was die hoofbates. The inventory of Philip’s estate

The Estate of Willem Morkel 1718-1788

The inventory of Willem’s estate shows a man of means. He left seven farms to his four sons. Some of the furniture items mentioned are still at Die Bos.

Die Bos Altena Morkel Ancestors Thumbnails

Die-Bos-Altena-Morkel-Ancestors-Thumbnails.pdf Short cameos of each of the first seven generations of Die Bos – Altena ancestors with signatures and photos where available.

Dan and Kitty Morkel

This is about my parents.

Voorburg Morkels

Third generation Willem Morkel farmed at Voorburg next to Onverwacht. This is the first part of this branch of the family. It also tells of Pieter Loret Morkel, butcher of Zonnebloem, Cape Town. There is also a story of how one of his daughters was sadly murdered by her husband..

Rhodesia Arthur Morkel

{excerpt needed}

Morgenster Morkels

Morgenster-Morkels.Pt1-Pdf.pdf Fourth generation Willem Morkel 1803 – 1876, son of Daniel Johannes Morkel and Maria Dorothea Louw is described in the family Genealogy as “Capitalist, Resident at Morgenster“. The first medical doctor, Willem Morkel had the

Beaufort West Morkels

B-West-Morkel-Pt1-Origins-Linking1.pdf Although most of this branch of the family have lived in the Cape Peninsula and elsewhere since the 1950s, they were originally from Beaufort West. Of mixed race, they include Rev. I.D. Morkel (see