Year: 2017

Breaking the Pledge

Neptune & Ostracised The family helped feed starving convicts on board the Neptune III. In doing so they broke a community pledge and were ostracised.

Tough Times

Tough-Times-pdf.pdf The second half of the 19th century was a difficult time for the family. Frugal ouma Bremsie saved the farm.

Cricket Morkels

Cricket-Morkels-pdf.pdf Google “Morkel” and cricketers Albie and Morné dominate. There is so much about them on the internet that our account is confined to few nice photos, brief accounts of their achievements and where they

Rugby Morkels

Rugby-Morkels-small1.pdf Many Morkels played rugby football at international Springbok level – mainly in the early 1900s.

Morkel Wines of Bellevue. Die Stellenbosch Morkel Familie

Morkel-Wines.pdf The Bellevue Estate in the Morkel family since 1861, is known for Morkel Pinotage and other quality table wines. Lees familie vertellinge oor Dik Daniel, Oom Jan, Dirkie en die Stellenbosch Morkel familie.

Africa with Lions

Africa-with-Lions-Pts-121.pdf Some amazing encounters with ferocious lions. In Part 1 Dan Morkel rescued Ernest Brockman from the jaws of a man-eater – as told by Morkel and also by Brockman “The most appalling true narrative on

Vet Pete Morkel as part of a team tagging wildlife against poachers

AG-black-rhino-translocation-to-NL.pdf Translocating a Black Rhino, and implanting a transmitter in its horn, Luangwa National Parh, Zambia. Zakouma-Elephant-Collaring-2012.pdf Collaring an Elephant in Zakouma National Park. Chad GIANT-SABLE-1-.pdf GIANT-SABLE-2-.pdf Rounding up Giant Sable for captive breeding in Gandangala

Girls Next Door

girls-next-door.pdf The Morkel men did not go far for wives and tended to marry the “girls next door”.


Biebouw.pdf Stamvader Philip Morkel married Maria Biebouw within a weeks of arriving at the Cape. They had one daughter, Elisbabeth. Maria died in 1713.

The Formidable Pasman Ladies

The-Formidable-Pasman-Ladies3.pdf Stamouer Philip Morkel’s second wife was Catharina Pasman. We tell her story, as well as for her mother, Sophia Pasman, “tough as old boots” and sister Sibella.

Our French Connection – The Huguenots

our-french-connection.pdf Several Morkel wives (Retief, Theron, Malan) were descended from Huguenots who fled France during the 1680s to escape religious persecution.

The Malans

The-Malans.pdf The Malan family lived on the lovely farm Morgenster. They were neighbours and interlinked by marriage.


louw.pdf The Louws is one of the oldest Afrikaans families in South Africa. Stamouer Jan Pieterzoon Louw arrived at the Cape in 1659 and was a rare vryburger who made a success of farming. His grandson


myburgh.pdf The first Myburgh owner of the iconic Myburgh farm Meerlust married the daughter of stamouer Philip Morkel and Sophia Pasman. There were several connections between the two families. My grandmother was Helena Catharina Myburgh from


theunissen-1.pdf Marthinus Wilhelmus Theunissen of Vergelegen, “The Hero of Blaauwberg” teamed up with three Morkel brothers to establish the town and church of Somerset West. His daughter Catharina Jacoba married Hendrik Johannes Morkel and was

The Theron Family

the-theron-family-2.pdf My mother Kitty’s family. Huguenot Jacques Therond fled from France in 1688. Read a moving 1719 letter from his father who stayed behind in France.


Retief-pt-1.pdf The first five generations at Welvanpas of the family of my wife, Barbara Retief. Retief-Pt-2.pdf Barbara’s family in Transvaal. 6th generation on, with family photos.


Searching for Francois Retif in France

Retief-searchingforfrancois-Ex-Charl-pdf.pdf Charl Retief Morkel and his wife Valerie who is from the Loire/Cher region in France where Huguenot François Retif came from in the 1680s, found interesting traces of him in the Blois (capital of


Retief DNA Deep Ancestry

Johannes-Retief-DNS-verslag.pdf The DNA analysis for Hans Retief, Barbara’s brother, shows that the South African Retief males are haplogroup R1b, the most common in European populations, with 52% in France. They expanded throughout Europe after the



Krakeelhoek-P1-pdf.pdf Chapter 1 of Helene Retief Lombard’s Chronicles of De Krakeelhoek. It is a rich and wonderful account of stamouer Francois Retif, the Huguenot settling in at the Cape. This and the other two chapters of