Year: 2017


Rhodesia Cliff Morkel

Ron-Morkel-Pt-2-pdf.pdf More from Ron Morkel’s book. Cliff attended St Andrew’s college in Grahamstown and was barely back in Rhodesia when his father Arthur posted him for 5 years at an isolated and desolate gold mine near the


Rhodesia Ron Morkel

Ron-Morkel-Pt-3-pdf.pdf In the third part from his book we meet the author, Ron Morkel. After attending St Andrew’s he managed Mazuri Ranch and after his father Cliff passed away, became its owner. He spent 14 years as a part time soldier fighting Mugabe’s

Morkel House

Morkel-House-Stellenbosch.pdf Originally a wine cellar built in the 1690’s it was used for a while as a temporary church. It had various owners over the years, including Stamvader Philip, and a hundred years later the

Missing Early Morkels

Missing Early Morkels PDF It was a surprise to discover three unknown Morkels from the well documented first three generations, Willem, Johannes Theodorus and Petrus Johannes MORKEL.  

Pete Morkel Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation and Pete Morkel


Correcting Errors in our Book

Corrections to our book MORKEL A Remarkable South African family. Three major errors. In spite of efforts to avoid them, errors are bound to occur in a book with a wide scope covering so many


Writing and Self-publishing the Book

I had a start with the website and many chapters were already basically written.  It was an opportunity to improve the style, to check for errors, and to add new information.  he really new experience

The Morkel Rhoda Connection

rhoda-voorburg-to-lower-gordons-bay-road.pdf Rhoda-Family-Origins-.pdf The author of these two papers, Ebrahim Rhoda, has researched his ancestors and the Strand Muslim community. He found that he is descended from slaves on the Morkel farms of Voorburg and Onverwacht,

Dan en Kitty Morkel familielyn en nageslag

Dan-en-Kitty-Morkel-familielyn-en-nageslag4.pdf The family line of my parents, Dan and Kitty Morkel.

Family History Ch I P W Morkel

Family-History-Ch-I-PW-Morkel.pdf Chapter I from P W Morkel’s 1961 book about the family.

Origin of Morkel name

Origin of the Morkel Name Where did the Morkel name come from? I found three explanations.

Family crest

Family-crest1.pdf The Morkel crest is 280 years old, going back to stamvader Philip Morkel. In the old Dutch society, middle class families had crests, unlike the British tradition where it was exclusive to aristocracy. Crests were

The Old Farm

The-Old-Farm2.pdf Onverwacht or Die Bos is the oldest farm handed down from father to son in South Africa. The old house was ‘modernised’ in 1897. While the farm has shrunk with urban sprawl, its very large

The Dovecote at Die Bos

The-Dovecote-at-Die-Bos3.pdf The dovecote with its Cape Dutch gables has become a family icon. Were the side courts used for cock-fighting?

Vlootjesbaai to Strand

Vlootjesbaai-to-Strand.pdf The town of The Strand is built on a Morkel farm originally called Vlooibaai (Fleabay) and then Mostertsbaai Strand.

The Wreck of the Schonenberg

Schonenberg.pdf Stamouer Philip Morkel and his brother Willem hosted 80 crew of the shipwrecked Schonenberg at Onverwacht in 1722. On their return to Holland, one of them composed an epic poem which was printed in 1725, and which

Die VOC Skip Schoonenberg Deel

Schoonenberg-Malan-1-Finaal-.pdf Dr Jan Malan het die stranding van die Schoonenberg deeglik nagevors en opgeskryf in twee dele. Hier is Deel I soos gepubliseer in die Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskryf vir Kultuurgeskiedenis 27(1) Junie 2013. Die naam van

Vanities Fables and Foibles

Vanities-Fables-and-Foibles-Pt-1-1.pdf A collection of stories and anecdotes of the family. Did Philip Morkel arrive in 1691 or 1708?, sisters inheriting farms with a twist, no vanity here, pecking order in the graveyard, a Moppie about rich

Then the British Came

Then-the-British-came4.pdf, then left, then returned to stay. The Morkel brothers and their cousins the Myburghs were seen as rebellious and had dragoons stationed with them – an episode worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan.  When the

We need a town and church

We-need-a-town-and-church-pages-pdf.pdf The nearest town, Stellenbosch, was far away and the road atrocious The Morkel brothers, together with neighbour M.W. Theunissen founded the town of Somerset West and the church, displaying remarkable comunity leadership and entrepreneurship,