Year: 2015


Genealogies and Personal Privacy

Having just posted the updated Morkel Genealogy, the issue of personal privacy is relevant. How dare I publish personal information of age, family details (spouse, children, parents) and so forth. Some subscription websites blank out


Correcting Errors

Corrections to our book MORKEL A Remarkable South African family. Three major errors. In spite of efforts to avoid them, errors are bound to occur in a book with a wide scope and covering so


Updated Morkel Genealogy

I finally managed to update the family genealogy. My main interest has been family history but in doing so it was important to know where the family came from and how we were related. In


Steenberg – in the same family 1682 to 1990 – longer than Die Bos

In my earlier blog ‘300 Years on the Farm’, I mentioned that the Morkel farm Die Bos (formerly Onverwacht) has now in 2013, been 300 years in the Morkel family.  I was uncertain about Steenberg


The new book on Morkel Family History has been printed and is available

I have been working on the book for more than a year, and finally it is available. Nickey Cilliers, a specialist publisher in Cape Town, is married to my niece, Karen Morkel and is publishing